West County Family Law

The law firm of West County Family Law has over 65 years of combined experience in providing legal assistance to families with their legal needs. From handling difficult divorce cases, custody issues or child support to helping people meet their estate planning needs, attorneys Case & Rajnoha strive to obtain the resolution that works best to suit their client's unique situation. Other issues such as maintenance (alimony) and marital property division often arise from such cases and are in need of negotiating skills of a strong-minded, tenacious attorney. Again, other issues such as paternity, adoption, and relocation need the compassion and personal service that goes along with experienced representation.

At West County Family Law, we have successfully guided thousands through a variety of family, civil, and criminal law situations, representing persons from every walk of life, income level and marital or non-marital circumstance. We work closely with our clients to guide them in developing appropriate strategies to help them to confidentially maximize the protection of their interests and future opportunities. But, we do not hesitate to act aggressively through the legal process as our clients' circumstances and objectives may reasonably require.

Most of the clients who visit our office to discuss their very personal issues regarding family law matters such as divorce or probate issue have never had to pursue any serious legal matter before. Most are understandably filled with anxiety and trepidation often having no sense of a starting point or direction. With decades of legal experience in family law matters, attorneys Case & Rajnoha understand the needs of clients facing these sensitive issues and work with their clients with compassion, honesty and support.

The lawyers at West County Family Law stay abreast of statutory and case law changes affecting our clients' rights to ensure that proper, timely and effective legal services and advocacy will be delivered to our clients.